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Meet the brilliant young minds of Oslo during Oslo Innovation Week.

Your entry point for exploring the innovative environmental, climate and renewable energy solutions developed and implemented in the Oslo Region. OREEC and partners allows you to get to know the region better and invites you to meet the brilliant young minds of Oslo speak about our solutions for a sustainable future.

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Time: 24. september

Address: Youngs, Youngstorget 3, Oslo

Moderator: Daniel Ras-Vidal, CEO Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm


17.00 Pizza is served (bar is open to buy beer and refreshments)

18:00 Pioneering floating solar power solutions – Børge Bjørneklett – Ocean Sun

18:20 Enabling green utilization of hydrocarbon gas – Kathrine Kværnæs Ryengen – ZEG Power

18:40 Hydropower and infrastructure for charging – Ole Henrik Hannisdal – Grønn Kontakt

19:00 Mingle – meet the presenters

 19:30 How one BRIGHT idea in the middle of the night fostered a company that is bringing smart off-grids living to everyone – Selma Kveim – BRIGHT

19:50 Vestsiden junior high – built in solid wood with innovative seasonal storage in hydrogen  – Hallvard Benum – Kongsberg Municipality

20.10 The world’s first electric seaplane – Equator Aircraft – Tomas Brødreskift

20.30 Sum up and program end.

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