Project Description

The Green Capital Project’s main objective is to increase the share of renewable investments and green private fundings in the Oslo region. Green capital is a RIP Project (Regional Innovation Program) financed and supported by Oslo Municipality and Akershus County Council’s common industrial political action plan.

The international energy market is rapidly changing. Greener, cheaper and smarter technology concepts are gradually outperforming long established energy solutions, while digitization and IoT opens up new venues and ways to generate and distribute energy. This transition calls for new business models, new collaborative constellations, and more investments in greentech. According to sources such as IEA and Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Norway is however lagging behind in the green energy race. If Norway is to raise a competitive green growth industry, there is a need for innovative new companies, new concepts and more green capital mobilized. The project aims to establish the region’s preferred venue for Green Capital, by linking green startups and growth companies with capital intensive actors within finance and industry.

OREEC runs the project on behalf of the project consortium consisting of Oslotech AS, Innovation Norway, Norwegian Venture Capital Accociation, Business Angel Network Norway, Kjeller Innovation and NORWEP.

Upcoming Green Capital Events in 2017:

7th of June, Oslo House of Innovation of September, Cutting Edge/Oslo Innovation Week

6th. Of December, Sentralen